What Are the Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements?

What Are the Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements?

Want to try using a supplement? Wonder which one is the best? Truly, there are many supplements on the market, however, not each one of them is good. In order to help you, we found the top 5 best supplements that will definitely help you in the weight loss. Ready to review? (Read: how to lose weight).

1. Orlistat

This is such a supplement, that inhibits the fat breakdown inside the gut. Hence, you get much fewer calories in from the fat. The researches have revealed that you might possibly lose up to 6 pounds compared to the other supplements with a help of Orlistat. Besides, it reduces the blood pressure effectively. Moreover, it eliminates the possibility to suffer from the type 2 diabetes of more than 37% of users. However, there are a lot of side effects. For instance, your stools might be loose and you might undergo flatulence. To add more, it might also lead to vitamins deficiency (for example, your body might feel the necessity in such vitamins as vitamins A and E). Nevertheless, there is good news if you still wish to try orlistat: it’s better for you to combine its consumption with the low-fat diet. All things considered, orlistat is effective, but with many side effects.

2. Apple cider vinegar

This supplement is the one suppressing the appetite. Moreover, it helps in many other conditions. For instance, regular usage of apple cider vinegar will treat dry skin and leads to better digestion. Besides, you will catch a cold fewer times after utilizing this natural supplement. Moreover, it is beneficial for the blood circulation and the sore throat. In order to use it, you do not swallow it. However, it may take some time to observe the results. The vast majority of these pills are okay, but it’s better for you to be careful if your stomach is sensitive. For example, if you wish to lose weight, do drink one cup of hot water, adding a tablespoon of apple cider and also honey every morning.

3. Bitter orange

The bitter orange fruit is the one that grows on a tree in tropics. You may also find it in California and Florida. The synephrine is a component of this fruit, that increases the number of the burnt calories.

The researches have proven that this supplement improves blood issues. For example, it may be used for the treatment of the heart rate and also blood pressure. However, it was reported that its use might be dangerous, leading even to death. The doctors say this supplement is good if you want to lose weight, but if you have some heart issues, it will be better to avoid it.

4. Liraglutide

Initially, this medication was used for treating diabetes, however, when it was found out that it helps to lose weight, doctors began to prescribe it to the people that want to slim down. The supplement controls blood sugar. It increases the insulin release, suppressing glucagon. Hence, the liver decreases the sugar release. Besides, it helps control hunger, reduces calorie intake, and also appetite, leading to the weight loss. Among its side effects, there is pancreatitis. The doctors recommend this supplement to people who could not succeed in weight loss in the past or who are obese, according to BMI.

5. Hydroxycut

This is a very popular dietary supplement. Its products usually include plant extracts and also caffeine, that is proven to contribute the weight loss. Since Hydroxycut ingredients vary, it would be complicated to state any side effects. To be more precise, the Hydroxycut products that contain caffeine, might lead to nervousness. There have not been many studies made yet, proving its safety.

To conclude, be very careful when choosing a supplement in order to lose weight. This is due to the fact there might be some huge side effects. Therefore, if you wish to make sure the product is safe for you, consult with the doctor and ask their opinion. Wish you feel good every time.

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